Welcome to Little Travelling Bug! By exploring this blog, you will find tips and our personal accounts of worldwide travel with children. We hope to inspire and help you make you next family trip as stress free and wonderful as possible, hopefully even life changing.

What is Little Travelling Bug?

We are a family of 4, setting out to see as much of the world as possible. As part of our journey, we want to inspire as many families as possible to do the same.

Although of course there is a place for all aspects of travel with children from backpacking across South America to All Inclusive package holidays. We like to think we are somewhere in between these options, encouraging families to get off of the beaten track whilst travelling with their young families and breaking personal boundaries, whilst having a comfortable base to stay – all within your annual leave allowance.

For us it isn’t about necessarily seeing the most exotic destinations (although we like that too!) it’s about empowering parents to leave the day to day routine, spend quality time with their children and provide them with a world education that simply cannot be gathered in the classroom alone.

Provide foundations of adventure and you will form a future without limits

Who is behind the keyboard?

That would be me, Nicole. I’m a thirty-and-a-bit mum to Monkey (7) and Teddie (5).

Formally a travel agent, I now run a digital agency alongside my husband – based in Norwich, Norfolk.

I have a strong belief that travel is good for the soul in the way that any material object simply cannot match up to.

Why travel with children

Yes its easier to travel without them. Yes is cheaper to travel without them. Yes you can party all night long if you leave them at home. So why take them at all?

Ultimately for me travelling makes me feel like me. It frees me from day to day routine and restrictions, and this is exactly the “me” I want my children to benefit from and know. This is the me that doesn’t say “I will be there in just a minute”, ‘Hold on” or ‘Hurry up’ constantly throughout the day.

In addition to the relaxed parenting my children benefit from travel in so many ways that I cannot begin to cover it all, absorbing new culture, understanding the world around them, recognising the impact they have on others, not to mention learning historical and geographical facts whilst they are not even realising they are doing so.

Take the risk

Many people tell us that we are making a rod for our own back by travelling with our children, as they will “inevitably want to travel when they are older” – or possibly (insert deep inhale of breath) “want to live abroad” tut tut.

This is not a rod for my back…it is wings for our children, to allow them to fly in which ever direction they choose when the time comes. I don’t have ownership over my children’s lives, but I do have a responsibility to provide them with as many opportunities as I am able, along with a safe and secure childhood – ironically (and not always easily as a parent) this also involves a touch of risk taking. Good luck taking your own.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. TS Elliot